Monday, December 13

Retro Apron

One happy customer! I am happy my friend loves this bag as much as I do! I also most took it for myself!

Oval Bottom Handbag

This handbag is similar to the bag I sewed previously in this blog. The best thing about it, this handbag is one simple bag to make and I love it! I twisted the look by using a welding ring to make the handle from, I also have created a split handles which is different, however I think it works.

A little Bamboo Handbag

This was one of my first bags where I added the oval panel on the bottom. It worked so well that I have been able to make more without any trouble! I love this new bag.
This one was created from new fabric made to look vintage. Which is perfect for my niece's step-mom. She is a very vintage-retro woman, she lives and breathes the 1940's.