Tuesday, March 31

Chic Diaper Bag

I created this bag out of Tina Givens line, there are four pockets inside and one zipper pocket on the opposite side. One cell phone pocket on the strap. This is a fun bag to carry around diapers and still look hip and young!

Monday, March 30

Make-Up Bag

This little travel bag was created from some scraps and vintage gross-grain ribbon and an orange zipper from the 60's.

Orange Tote

A nice comfy tote with 4 pockets inside and a magnetic snap for the closure. Measures 20" wide and 10" high.
I used an antique red button from the UK, 1950's, and a cream lining which is lined with interfacing for stability and top-stitched.

Tuesday, March 24

Gonzaga Tag Blanket

Here is a cute blanket for a little girl. There are fun silky ribbons for Payton to rub when she is ready to take a nap. This blanket is made out of 100% cotton which has been pre-washed. On the reverse side I used white fleece, which is a very soft fabric.

Saturday, March 14

GU Bag for Angela!

Angela contacted me and asked if I would create a diaper bag and a Diaper Bag On the GO! How could I say no? Anyways, she wanted the GU material on the outside so I used a bottom weight blue for the lining for more stability and SUCCESS!

Little Clutch

Finally a handbag for myself! I was able to squeeze in a couple of hours and get this beauty done. Now there are some adjustments I would like to make...but you done need to know all about it! I just wanted to show my work!

Sunday, March 8

Little travel bag

Here is a nice size travel bag about 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide at the widest part. There are two pockets inside the bag, and the gray zipper is an antique from the 40's.

Saturday, March 7

My Madison Bag

Finally a bag for myself. This was created from Amy Butler's collection. Not that hard to create, but would like to make a couple more to get the stitching down.

Friday, March 6

Handbag for Erin

My sister's birthday is coming up and she desperately needs a new bag. She is the type of person who will wear the bag out till it dies and crawls away into the forest. Since her birthday is coming up I thought I would dip into my stash of fabric and see what I can come up with and here it is!

I used a wool plaid for the outside (old Halloween material from a pirate costume I made for a friend) And a cotton print for the lining - I know what you are thinking...dogs!? Well my sis, God bless her, loves...loves dogs and she is always rescuing them and then loving them so much she keeps them. So I thought it would be cute to have something personal in her special handbag.

Wednesday, March 4

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

Upcoming Kitchen cuteness!

For those who are curious the lettering (hand painted and was a pain in the butt, says in Gaelic "A full cabin is better then an empty castle"

I am trying to update my sad kitchen on a budget...as some of you may know I have been looking for work for almost a year now! So some cheer is just what the doctor ordered! (Um...not really lol)

Here are the before and soon to come...the after pictures!

From the help of: alletteration: a lettering company (www.alletteration.etsy.com)

Tuesday, March 3

Katie's Birthday present

My sister-in-law or my (SLAW) will be turning - uh...27? Anyways, I created this cute little handbag for her out of the stash of fabric I have packed away. Little tight on money this month so I am trying to use what I have...and it is a great excuse for my to buy new fun fabric's! There are two floral pockets on either side of the bag and one zipper pocket inside.

Aunt Ne' Handbag

My husbands aunt came over to visit and saw Katie's handbag and wanted one for herself...two days later and TA-DA! This is a short handle with four pockets and one zipper pocket on the inside.