Thursday, January 14

Fly Away Home...zzzz

My mom is obsessed with birds...her house will fly away soon with all the birds in her house.
Back to the sewing, when I saw this fabric I knew my mom needed it...yes I am supporting her habit. Well I hope she will like it, wait I know she will!

Monday, January 11

Adult Apron

I was asked by my Hair Stylist to create a cute black apron. The one she has now is made from rubber and makes all her clothes icky by the end of the day. After some time I found this cool fabric for the liner which is water-proof and light weight, of course it is lined with black so it is hard for the picture to see it, but it is there.
I hope she likes it!

Saturday, January 9

Gather up your Buntings!

Boy Buntings for all occasions! Blue bunting is for the pirate in ye son, and the red bunting is for the racing boy. 100% cotton and washable, iron safe and fun! Both for sale at just click on the link to see my store.

Pillow case "Red Light!"

This fabric is pretty cool, not only by the retro design but because it is made from 100% Bamboo cotton. Which is totally an ECO-Friendly fabric. This pillow case fits any standard pillow and is listed at my store. Just click the picture for the link!

Thursday, January 7

The Everyday Brown Bag

While in Portland and visiting a cool little fabric shop I found this cool fabric. Since I don't have a brown bag I made this one for my everyday use...well until I create a new one. LOL

Two pockets on the inside

Two snap closures

Cool in Blue

When I was in Portland OR visiting my cousin she took me to this super cute little fabric store. In addition, for running my first half marathon my husband rewarded me with a little shopping spree and this is just some of the cool fabric I picked out. Now if you look close you can see a hint of red in the blue fabric. So COOL! Anyways, this is the design I thought up for myself.
Inside I have 3 pockets, 1 zipper, and 2 small pockets.
Thank you Jamie! (Maybe I should call this bag "Jamie")