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Friday, February 5

Forever 21

So there is a story behind this SLAW (sister-in-law) was borrowing this dress for her bachelorette party and during the fun and games managed to ruin it with permanent ink. Sad. So she asked me to cut it up and make a handbag out of it and give it back to her is what I was able to create. (And might I add, I felt weird cutting up a cute dress)

Tuesday, February 2

How cool is this little bag?
This was the last of the blue/red fabric I had and I was still able to create this little clutch.
It is about 9" tall and 14" for the base and 10" for the opening.
The one thing I was very happy about was the button I made, out of the last bit of fabric.
I do believe you will be seeing more of my fun matching buttons on my creations in the near future.

Seeing red?

Since I am on a budget, I have only been using my scraps, and thinking about different ways to make a handbag with only certain amount of fabric, a challenge yes, outcome...great!
From this bag you will notice this is the same fabric which I used in the blue bag.
I used a vintage 60's red 7" zipper for the interior pocket, and a cool 1960's button for the front.
This is a spacious bag, which is 17" at the base at 12" for the opening. It stands about 14" tall.