Monday, May 31

T-Shirt Necklace's

Old T-Shirts upcycled into a new wear!
My husband and I have a ton of shirts from all the races we have done over the years.
I felt bad just sending them off to Goodwill, so I thought I would
create something useful.
These necklaces can be worn long or double wrapped, its pretty cool!

No-Name Brown Bag - Name me!

This brown bag stands 14" tall and is about 12" wide.
I created this bag for my very first PDF Pattern.
There is a 7" zipper on the front of the bag and 6 pockets inside the pocket.
There is a simple flap to close the bag with a 2" cloth button.

I would love to get a name for this bag, so if you have any thoughts please le
t me know!

Wednesday, May 26

Double Needle! Off the Chain!

I was very excited to learn new tricks on my sewing machine!

Check this one out - how to use double to learn how to use diffrent feet!

More to come!

Tuesday, May 11

Happy Birthday Bridget!

Happy 23rd Birthday Bridget!
I found out the day before I gave this to Bridget that it was her birthday today (May 10th)
So when 9:00pm rolled around I thought I should make something for her, and after searching through my scraps, I was able to muster up enough fabric for this cute little bag. It's still a pretty good size, at 17' at the base and stands 13" tall with an opening of 9".
I reinforced the bottom of the bag with Peltex to give it some shape.
What a little cutie! (And for not having a pattern on hand!)

Monday, May 3

T-Shirt Necklace

I created this necklace from a t-shirt my husband gave to me. The shirt was an old SNAP Fitness shirt too big for me, but great for a craft!
The necklace hangs about 20" down and is great to wear with other t-shirts.
I am trying something new and plan on making these necklaces for only $10, if you provide the t-shirt and $2.00 for shipping. Pretty good since most of these necklaces are being sold for around $25.00+.
If anyone is interested let me know!
You can reach me by email...