Monday, August 3

Matching Travel Bags

These bags are super cute. I loved how they turned out.
There are two different sizes and I think both complement each other, and will be great for traveling. These two particular bags were made for a friend of mine who is getting married later this month. I think these will come in hand on her wedding day. (Make-up, curling iron...odds and ends - Brides you know all about it!)

I will be adding these particular bags to my Nannabells collection on my up-coming website. If you would like to pre-order one now please send me an email and I will be happy to talk with you about color schemes.

* nannabells [@]

Motified Beach Bag

I love this bag! And it is HUGE! This bag is great for taking items to the park or the beach, the original bag had a small opening but it boggled my mind why such a huge bag had a small opening. So I modified the bag by leaving the sides open and used ties to close it. Let's just say good decision Shannon!