Sunday, December 21

Army Bag

This bag was designed for a 16 year old boy who is into skating, comics and Play Station. I added a real Military patch to give this bag some "style". And two pockets on the front for games or "school work".

Sunday, December 14

This is another fun Tag Blanket. I added some kitty cat material for the borders and fun yellow polka dots on the sides. The center is blue checkers. To order this item come to my store at:
Here is a fun clutch that will go well in either summer or winter! I am very excited to give this one away as a gift for Christmas, but I am always willing to make some for other people who want to have it for give as a gift. Just contact me:

Saturday, December 13

Floral Tote

Hello tote! I made this thinking it would be great for those knitters who like to take their work with them. But can be used for other items - of course! There are 2 pockets in the front for lipstick or other small items. Click on the picture to order this tote for your self!

Wednesday, December 10

This was another custom order for a friend who wanted a lemon and lime color bag. I picked these fun colors and added some ribbon to break up the green a bit. The bag was made out of Home Dec fabric, with pellon fleece interfacing for cushion and structure. I added a fun yellow polka-dot lining with 3 pockets on the inside. There is Velcro to fasten the bag.

Tuesday, December 9

Black/white Diaper Bag

Yet another fun diaper bag. Custom colors were chosen for this cool bag. It is made out of 100% cotton, and lined with a stiff interfacing to give it stability. There are 3 large pockets on the inside and a cell phone pocket on the outside - or can be used for an ipod.
To order your Diaper Bag, contact

Sunday, December 7

Retro Tag Blanket

Here is another fun tag blanket I made. I used fun bright colors and cream ribbon for the tags. I embellished it with satin blue ribbon to tie it all together. To order this blanket come see my account to order or contact me at to custom order one for your baby.
Here is a fun Tag Blanket for any girl or boy. I used cotton and terry cloth to help with those spit-ups. If you would like to order this blanket come see it at my account!
This is a fun clutch I made for a birthday present. If you would like to order one or request a custom order contact me at: or see my store at

Saturday, December 6

Jean and Dots Tag Blankie

Here is a fun tag blankie. I used Denim, and 100% cotton, and left over ribbon from Pottery Barn gifts from my wedding. For more information about this or other items come visit my

Tuesday, December 2

Camo Bag - Now you see me - Now you dont!

This was made for a teen boy who loves to hunt. This bag has a thin layer of padding to help cushion his laptop. I added 2 pockets in the front and 3 pockets inside the bag. The straps are made out of seat-belt material.

Tropical Diaper Bag

This diaper bag was created for a friend who is from a warm sunny climate...which is not here in Spokane. We brought her a bit of home in this bag for her. There are 3 large pockets in the front and 3 large pockets inside the bag. A fun tropical print was used for the lining to add a punch of color. To order a bag for you or your friend contact me at

Teen's Laptop Messenger bag

The special order bag was created for a 12 year old girl. Her mother wanted it to have the 'emo' look while having a girly look to it as well. The bag was sewn from denim bottom weight, which adds some stability. I added padding to the bag for structure. There are 3 large pockets on the front of the bag. A funky print was used for the lining. To special order a messenger bag contact me at

Yellow and Blue Tag Blankie

I made this cute little blankie for a girlfriend who is expecting a cute baby boy. I used 100% cotton on the front, adorned with ribbon and buttons. The back is lined with terry cloth for those baby burps. The ribbon tags on the edges are great for baby's to rub while their are snuggling in the blankie. To order your baby blanket, contact me!