Friday, May 29

Laptop Sleeve for my Aunt

Here is a cute sleeve I made for my Aunt's new Laptop. I lined it with a cushy interfacing to protect from bumps and scratches.

Apron for Sofia

I made this reversible toddler apron for my Aunts little girl. I know she will love it and be the talk of the town in Germany!

Wednesday, May 20

Little Black Bag

I actually made this about 3 years ago and just found it at the bottom of my sewing supplies. I have no idea why I put it there...maybe it fell? So I brought it back to see the world.

Lotus Flower Tote

Here is another tote I really loved how it turned out. There is heavy weight stabilizer for the interfacing which keeps it shape. I do have to get the key clip for it still but in the mean time, here is what I made.

Birdie Tote

I love the way this turned out. It will be great for the beach or shopping, even toss in a couple of diapers if you have a little one. For me there will be little fishy snacks for my guy. But I think this is a style I will stick with for a while.

Not for potato's anymore

My first try with Burlap - tricky and itchy fabric. But I was able to make this half-moon bag. There are some things I need to tweek on it but I think it turned out okay...can you wash burlap?

Thursday, May 14

Tote for Lindsy

This is a large tote made from 100% cotton from Amy Butler's collection. I pleaded the front and added a wide shoulder strap which tappers to a thin strap for over the shoulder. I lined this bag with a thick interfacing to give it shape.

Magnetic snap for the closure, zipper pocket

3 pen pockets and a large pocket for your cell/keys or for what ever

Wednesday, May 13

Blue Flower Tote

Another creation from my shoulders hurt. Planning on hitting the gym soon, back to the bag. This is a simple tote with a zipper pocket inside and a toggle key clip - to hook your car keys to. Nice size bag.

A little birdie told me so...

I was able to make four of these pillows 16x16, with a linen look cotton for the back. The back is also an envelope opening for those quick washes.

Sweet blue summer

Again I had another set of these bamboo handles and I found a great use for them! This is the same size as the pink bag 12x12. I am thinking of what handles to use for the larger bag...still thinking...

Sweet pink summer

The bamboo handles I had stored away for about 5 years. I just was about to toss them thinking I had no use for them. But then I dreamed...that is right I dream about sewing! (Yes I am a dork) So this is what I 'dreamed' about...this is a small bag about 12x12, I am planning on making larger one in the future.

Mum's the word

Mum's the word here! I used spider mum material to the body and had a lot of fun creating this bag. I have to say it is one of my new favorites to sew. I just need to make the pattern larger to fit all my stuff...this is a great bag for those women who don't have to haul all the baby toys and diapers...but a larger one is in the works, so those with little ones (like me) can toss everything in the bag, yes even the kitchen sink if need be!

On a roll...

Since I created an apron for my son, I decided to share my creations at the local store just down the road from me. I am on a roll now! The apron will fit toddlers 2-4 years old. I haven't settled on a price yet...I am just on a sewing kick right now!

Toddler Apron

I made this for my son. He love to cook with mommy and daddy, but all the apron's I found in the store were for little girls. So I ended up making him one. And he loves it - Trains of course!

Wednesday, May 6

Mother's Day Gift

I made this little bag for my Nanny in Montana. I know she will love it. I added ceramic buttons on either side of the bag. I can't wait till she gets it!

A bag for Ruth

My instructions were, "I need a black bag like Katie's where I can toss everything in it, bright colors for the inside"
This is what I created. I think it fits her personality. I love it, and the material on the outside has a flower print black on black very subtle but a nice look.

Little bugs

My mother in law came over with this fabric and asked me to make her a bag. This is a cute little summer/spring bag, I actually had a lot of fun making this one. I hope she likes it!

Saturday, May 2


I created this cute wallet out of some scraps I think this is going to be a fun item to add to the bags I am already creating.

For my mamma!

My mom needed a black handbag. So unbeknownst to me, my mother bought this fabric and asked me to sew this is what I created. And as I was posting this picture I noticed I forgot the button. But I will quickly add that and then hand it to my mom on mothers day.

Laptop cover

My family was running in the 100k Pullman Relay and my son was coming. I was planning on bringing my laptop since I can plug it in my car, but I didn't have a cover for I quickly sewed one right before we took hour later and VOILA!