Sunday, June 27

Still need a name for this style!

This is the 2nd time I used this pattern...from memory, and I think I did quite well.
I now know the measurements I need and think I will be sticking with this
design for a little bit, so look for more colors to come!

A trial pattern, no name

This was the first time I used the clasp for this handbag and well I
have to say I am very impressed! I love this new twist -- literally!
Anyways, this handbag was created out of my scraps yep you read
correctly...scraps. I love the way this came out! I just have to
remember the measurements to recreate this little beauty.

Tuesday, June 15

A bag for a special friend...

What a cute little bag. I was able to line it was a thick canvas and added 3 pockets
for the interior. As you can see there is a snap for the closure, and a nice thick flap.
I was able to gather the bottom the the bag for extra pizazz.
On the sides of the bag I added ties to add character.
When I made this bag I just...well made it, so I will need to make a pattern for the next time
I decide to make it...which I know I want to already!
This little creation only took me about 3-4 hours to complete...minus the snack, cup of tea
and attending to my son who was calling me

Sunday, June 13

Handbag for Rochelle

This was a birthday gift which was purchased for a busy mom of 3,
two of them are 18 month old twins! Talk about busy!
After much discussion about the color of the bag, Rochelle
decided to have a bag similar to the Jamie Bag.
This bag was created from a nice durable blue/grey canvas
with a fun retro tree lining.
With Rochelle's bag she will have the abilty to place all kinds of objects inside
the 6 pocket handbag
And with some extra help I added a key chain clip so she can
easily access her car keys without digging through her bag.

Tuesday, June 1

The Wallet

This was my first attempt with a new pattern. And while it turned out pretty
cool, there are some things I plan on changing when I make some more.
But this one was pretty cool. There are 6 credit card holders, and one large
pocket for bills, and the lower section is large enough for a check book.
The whole thing is secured by Velcro...which is what I will be
changing next a snap.
Other then that, I loved the colors, and it is a great project to use up my extra fabric!
More to come....