Sunday, June 28

Pink Apron

This was a special order for a 'girlie girl'. I added ruffles and a nice big bow for the ties. Also there is a cute little heart pocket on the front of the apron. Size 2t-4t

Order yours today!

Thursday, June 11

Chic Tote

This is another tote which I am selling for wholesale at a local store. 12L x 17W.

Chic Totes

This is a simple tote 12 L x 17 W. I love the simplicity of the bag. There is only one pocket on the inside and a key chain holder on the inside. This bag is for wholesale, and if I was to custom create for a friend or customer, I would add pockets on the outside and 1 zipper pocket on the inside as well as a traditional pocket you see in the picture. This bag runs at $45

Green Messenger Bag

I created this bag for a girlfriend of mine. She wanted to have something to put her laptop in. I really love the way this turned out, a bit frustrating at first but in the end it looks great. I needed to add some stabilizer at the bottom to keep some shape, and I triple stitched the top (you can't see it) but I did that for safety. The last thing I want to happen is to have the bag fall apart! But I really don't think it is going anywhere. Let me just leave with this last comment...It takes a TON of fabric!