Thursday, January 29

Solid Messenger bag

I created this navy blue bag for a friend who needed one for her friend. Ahhh... sharing it is nice. The exterior material is a thicker cotton for durability. Inside has 2 pockets and 1 zipper pocket. (A new trick I learned) Velcro was used to close the bag.

Silky Duvet

A friend asked me if I could make her a duvet for her could I say no?
I took this brocade material and sewed 3 panels, due to the width I needed to! So to finish off the top portion I sewed organza gold ribbon over the seems to camouflage them. The top of the duvet was fashioned like an envelope and to close it I sewed 5 jewel toned buttons on duvet. Once I get a full picture of the duvet I will upload it.

Thursday, January 22

Oh the love of scraps

For anyone who has been following my blogs, this is the same material I used to create a cute baby blanket. I had about 8x8 inches left over and I didn't want to toss the fabric, so I created this cute make-up bag...for my mom. I was HIGHLY disgusted when I saw her take out a gross looking ZIPLOCK BAG from her bag (yes I made her a bag). I told her she was a disgrace to the sewing community! After some chuckles, I spent 20 mins and whipped this out for her and made her toss that disgusting bad for the environment plastic baggy.

I think I will make some more...

Ahh...quilt warm warm

OMGosh! I loved this material, and the sec I saw it, I knew Con-con had to have it. For those who don't know, my son LOVES football. He is crazy-nuts for it. (He is my husband's son) I started this about a year ago and then tried to pawn it off on my sis...well needless to say I ended up finishing what I started. And Conman loves it!

Thursday, January 15

Here is a great Hobo bag which I created out of a thick twill. There is a magnetic snap for the closure and a decorative lace button which was made back in the 1940's in Holland on the front. The inner pocket zipper was from the 60's. So I guess you can say...upcycle!

Monday, January 5


A bag from a curtain? Why yes it can be done! On the front of the bag I placed a vintage button from the 50's and the green inner zipper pocket was created from a 1940's zipper. Yep reuse, and recycle! So as you can see there is a zipper pocket on one side of the bag and 3 pockets on the opposite side. the sturdy strap echo's the lining of the bag. There is also a magnetic snap to close to bag.

Saturday, January 3

Special Order

This is a fun casual handbag which can be used if you are wearing either black or brown. The lining has fun traveling destinations on the print. The bottom panel is removable which can either keep the bag sitting or if you remove it, the bag will be more like a tote. There are 3 pockets on the inside, and one zipper pocket on the opposite side of the bag. On the front of the handbag is a 1960's vintage button and grosgrain brown ribbon. There is a long strap so the bag fit nicely under your arm when also carrying a ton of stuff.