Tuesday, March 16

Baby Blanket

How cool is this? I would love to be wrapped up in this cozy blanket. This blanket is made from 100% cotton, flannel, and cozy fuzzy fabric.

This baby blanket will be perfect for swaddling any baby...well hopefully my friends baby and will be completely safe for machine washing and drying.

Diaper cake

When my dear friend said she was expecting a baby...on my birthday in June may I add,
I was super excited for her!
Now I get to make her all these cute little things for her baby...
then my other dear friend just came to me and said she was expecting in September.
Now I am crazy busy making things for both of my friends...please don't drink the water!

Diaper cake with 3 diaper cupcakes

For my friend due in June, I made her this cute diaper cake from felt, fabric, ribbon, diapers, Aveeno bath wash, 1 bottle scrubber and 2 binkies. I was very pleased with how this turned out and have some different idea's for my other friends diaper cake. But alas, she will be able to take this home and have 50 newborn diapers to use. Not only is this cake pretty cool but it is functional as well.

Monday, March 8

For my Auntie in Alaska

My mom loved her bag I made her so much she insisted I make one for her cousin. The bag was created from upholstery from my mothers couch. I also used a 7inch zipper for the inside pocket. The ties on the side give the bag some shape, and character. I was very happy how this turned out, can't wait to hear from her!

My Sis-in-laws birthday bag

Ahh, a classic for an everyday wardrobe. This was made from 100% brown cotton and a floral print for the lining. I used a 7inch zipper for an inside pocket and also created a simple pocket for a cell phone or keys. This bag measures about 14inches for the opening, about 17inches tall and 17inches across the bottom.
I know my sister-in-law will love this cute bag!
I also created a button for the closure, and made a durable shoulder strap. (I may have to test it out before I mail it to her....(our little secret) ;)