Sunday, October 31

My little man...telling mamma to stop sewing for a little bit and play with him...okay I get it

Large Tote

This was another custom order for my boss, she travels a lot and needed to have a large enough bag to put all her items in...well there you have it, and a ton of pockets t'boot!

Birdi Bag in "Volumes"

This was a specail order for my co-worker who wanted this style for her trip to Disney World
She loves it! I darnnear kept it myself!

Messenger Bag

This was a fun bag to make and I used new materials for the interfacing...thank you very much Matt for making a drive all the way to Seattle to get it!

Sunday, October 17

Cuffs are here!

Ah finally they are here. I found a way to add some color to your everyday style!
Most of the cuffs are reversible.
Are you interested in a certain color, let me know.

Metal Clutch - 12in Frame

I wanted to try something new and I think I found it.
As I was searching the Internet I came across a 12" purse frame even though I needed to do some research on making a pattern it was still worth it.
But if you were to ask me when I was trying to push all the fabric in the frame with a Flathead...not worth it then...
However, I had my fun with this little bag and my friend who ordered it loved it.
I can imagine making this bag from an old wedding dress that someone can't wear but still would like to have it close to them...any takers???