Friday, February 27

Kaite's bag

Katie wanted a black bigger bag so she can just toss her stuff in and go. I created this pleaded cotton bag for her, with the short double straps - as requested. Inside she has 3 pockets and one zipper pocket. There is a magnetic snap for the closure.

Jessica's Bag

This is a nice size bag - custom colors for a friend I have known for almost a decade! She wanted something with a lot of pockets and was durable - and this is what I made for her! There are 3 pockets on one side of the bag and a zipper pocket on the other side. On the strap is another pocket for a cell you will never lose it again! HA - right...

Saturday, February 21

Laptop Case

I was asked to make a special order for a friend who needed a laptop sleeve. So with her measurements I created these two bags. The larger one if for the laptop and the smaller one is for...well anything! I used seat belt material for the handles and they both are lined with a thick lining for the protection of the laptop, though you would still need a hard case to fully protect it these cases still stop scratches and small bumps. I have added a magnet snap for the closure and a fun solid stripe on the front of the bag to break up the pattern.

Polka Dot Clasp

Yeah I finally figured out how to create this cute little clasp bag! Making the pattern was difficult but now...easy as making a pie!

Sunday, February 8

Diaper Bag On The GO!

I created this for a lady on who needed a Diaper Bag On The GO. I am very excited to mail this to her!

Friday, February 6

Travel Bags

These are great little bags to pack and and toss in any travel bag. The larger bag is 9 inches wide and the smaller one is 7 inches wide. Both are 6 inches tall.
Both zippers used are zips made in the 50's vintage.
I added a loop on the edges for easy to grab, made from a seat belt.

Patchwork purse

Here is another fun bag I created. I was having so much fun mixing and matching it was hard to stop!

Patchwork purse

I created this tote a bit larger then the other ones because I loved the fabric so much. I used the same pellon interfacing for the body of the bag that gives it some cushion, and a stronger interfacing in the handles.
For adornments, I added the fun button on the front.

This is a fun patch work handbag for those little outings. Take this out to show all your girlfriends over a cup of tea or coffee...though I prefer tea. No matter, the bag is lined with cotton and a pellon fleece was used for the interfacing. I double interfaced the handles which give it a strong yet comfy handles.

Thursday, February 5

Flower Travel Bag

A little travel bag is all you need to pop in your make-up for the weekend and then there you have it! Everything is with you! I put a small loop on the bag made out of seat belt material to grab it easily. The is medium weight interfacing for structure and stability. Linen was used for the lining. And again the zipper is a vintage zipper from the 1950's.

Mary Poppin's Tote

Who says you can't have a bag that is chic and like Mary Poppins? Well looks like today I have proven them wrong! I love this bag, I created this bag out of out upholstery fabric which I found, and lined it with linen. The button on the front is a vintage 1940's deep red-two hole button. Inside there is a single zipper pocket. The zipper is also from a vintage collection, this time I think it is from the 1950's.
This is a great size, not too big and not to small. Just right!

Travel Bag

Ahh yes, summer is coming! To bring in the summer months, I created a summer travel bag for either make-up or even those baby wipes! I have lined this with a heavy interfacing so it has some puff to it. This zipper was from a stash of zips from the 40' there is a touch of vintage in this tote!

Clutch Me!

This is a cute little spring clutch I made from Amy Butler Fabric. It is lined with stiff interfacing to give it shape. As you can see there is a magnetic snap for the closure.

Sunday, February 1

Evening clutch

Made out a a thick wool material, this is a great summer or winter clutch. Small enough for those fun night outs, or even for a day of shopping! The pink zipper pocket was up-cycled from the 1960's a garment I found at Goodwill (works perfectly!), and the blue button on the front is from the 1940's made in Ireland.